Miksch Garden and House Activities

The four seasons guide daily activity at the Miksch Garden and House, where the garden’s central role in the early Moravian household is featured.

Throughout the year, the garden and kitchen are busy places. The garden is worked. Garden product comes into the kitchen for meal preparation or for food preservation. On Fridays, bread is baked in the Miksch bake oven. The yard and barn serve to support various needs.

Activities occur year round, and you may encounter any of these:

In the Garden

  • planting seed
  • harvesting
  • seed saving
  • composting
  • mulching
  • preparing seed beds
  • using cold frames, hot beds, bell jars
  • pruning fruit trees

In the Kitchen

  • peeling, slicing, chopping vegetables and fruits
  • mincing herbs
  • cook pots boiling over an open hearth
  • pots baking in the hearth’s hot coals
  • bread dough rising
  • preserving food (sauerkraut, dried apples)
  • making baskets
  • sewing cloth
  • making candles


In the Yard

  • gathering fire wood
  • building fire in the bake oven
  • baking bread in the bake oven
  • making soap over an open fire
  • sweeping the yard
  • hauling water
  • various chores

In the Barn

  • tool repair
  • tool sharpening
  • seed saving
  • various chores


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