Daily Activities

On any given day, visitors have the opportunity to witness historic trades performed by our talented craftsmen, actively participate in hands-on activities that recreate Moravian crafts, and glimpse into the everyday life of Moravians by experiencing the domestic skills they honed.

Historic Trades
During your visit to Old Salem you will see a variety of historic trades being practiced just as they would have in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Among those you may see include: a joiner, potter, tailor, shoemaker, gunsmith, and gardener.

Home Life
A variety of activities and demonstrations take place on a daily basis in the historic buildings and surroundings of Old Salem. These activities vary according to the season and rhythm of life in Old Salem.

Demonstrations include: quilting, laundry, 18th century games, coffee roasting, hearth cooking, candle making (in the winter), food preservation and more.

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