Middle School Tours – Grades 6, 7 and 8


Middle School Tour for Grades 6, 7, and 8

Multiculturalism and the Revolutionary War in Salem, NC

This tour will focus on the impact and influence of three cultures in early Salem: European/German, African and Native American. It also includes a 30 minute walking tour that highlights the hardships in Salem during the Revolutionary War period.

Students will:

• Prepare a small meal on the hearth that will highlight the contributions of the three cultures and learn how they impacted life in North Carolina.

• Explore the early trades by working as a bookbinder’s apprentice. They will make and take home a small blank book.

• Compare and contrast the three cultures through artifacts of dress, food, shelter, trade and music.

• Tour key locations throughout Salem connected with the Revolutionary War and learn how the Moravians dealt with war. Students will read from primary source documents to analyze the Moravian perspective on war.

Essential Standards:

6.H.1.3, 6.H.2.1, 6.H.2.3, 6.G.1.1, 6.G.1.4, 6.E.1.1, 6.E.1.2, 6.C&G.1.1, 6.C.1.1 6.C.1.2,

7.H.1.2, 7.H.1.3, 7.H.2, 7.G.1.2, 7.C&G.1.4, 7.C.1.1, 7.C.1.2

8.H.1.2, 8.H.1.3, 8.H.2.1, 8.H.3.1 8.H.3.2, 8.H.3.3, 8.H.3.4, 8.G.1.1, 8.G.1.2, 8.G.1.3, 8. E.1.1, 8.C&G.1.1, 8.C.1.2, 8.C.1.3