Grades 1 & 2


GRADES 1 & 2

This 2 1/2 hour hands-on tour will focus on family life and the role that each person played as an individual, a family member and member of the community of Salem. All tours are led by a costumed museum educator.

Students will:

• Experience what school was like in Salem in an early 19th century classroom setting, they will create a Fraktur, listen to Moravian music and use period maps.

• Learn about families and how everyone helped with daily chores while preparing an 18th century recipe on the hearth.

• Work with raw materials and tools to learn how goods and services supplied the wants and needs of the inhabitants of Salem.

• Card, spin and dye wool as they learn how families worked together to create essential items necessary for everyday life in Salem.

Essential Standards: 1.H.1.1, 1.H.1.2, 1.G.1.1, 1.G.1.3, 1.G.2.1, 1.G.2.2, 1.E.1.1, 1.E.1.2, 1.E.1.3, 1.C.&G.1.1, 1.C.&G.1.2, 1.C.&G.1.3, 1.C.1.1, 1.C.1.2

Essential Standards: 2.H.1.2, 2.H.1.3, 2.G.1.1, 2.G.2.1, 2.G.2.2, 2.E.1.1, 2.C&G.1.2, 2.C.1.1, 2.C.1.2


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