Grade 4 & 5


GRADES 4 & 5

This 2 1/2 hour tour will focus on the growth and development of North Carolina and the United States and the rich culture, ethnic diversity and thriving economy of the community of Salem.

Students will:

• Explore cultural borrowing and sharing of European Moravians, Native Americans and African Americans in early North Carolina while examining articles of clothing, musical instruments and food items.

• Learn how wool is turned into cloth by carding, spinning and weaving.

• Tour selected sites in Salem.

Students will also experience one of these two activities:

• Prepare and sample a seasonal recipe on the open hearth using 18th century cooking techniques.

• Learn about the Moravian system of apprenticeship by making a simple pot on a kick wheel.

Essential Standards: 4.H.1.1, 4.G.1.1, 4.G.1.2, 4.G.1.3, 4.E.1.1, 4.E.1.2, 4.C&G.1.4, 4.C.1.1, 4.C.1.2

Essential Standards: 5.H.1.1, 5.H.1.2, 5.H.1.3, 5.G.1.1, 5.G.1.2, 5.G.1.3, 5.G.1.4, 5.E.1.1, 5.C&G.1.3, 5.C.1.2, 5.C.1.4

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