Grade 3



This 2 1/2 hour hands-on tour enables the students to experience the cultural and economic aspects of life in the community of Salem. All tours are led by costumed museum educators.

Students will:

• Participate in school activities in a 19th century classroom setting and compare and contrast to a classroom today.

• Learn about childhood chores as well as cook and sample an 18th century food that they have prepared on the hearth.

• Learn about being a potters apprentice and the use of earth materials while working with clay to make a roof tile.

• Explore flax, from how it grows in the field to how it is made into a lovely linen shirt, with the help and hard work of the entire family.

Essential Standards: 3.H.1.1, 3.H.1.2, 3.H.1.3, 3.G.1.2, 3.G.1.3, 3.G.1.4, 3.G.1.5, 3.G.1.6, 3.E.1.1, 3.E.1.2, 3.E.2.1, 3.E.2.2, 3.C&G.1.1, 3.C&G.1.1, 3.C&G.2.1 , 3.C.1.1, 3.C.1.2

Third Grade Pre Visit Activities

Third Grade Flax Worksheet

Third Grade Post Visit Activities