Peter Stotz


Born: (Not Recorded)
Died: (Not Recorded)

Peter Stotz arrived in the Wachovia tract on the 14th of November, 1762. He worked as a potter in Bethabara from 1762-1766 under master potter Gottfried Aust. He was released from his position when Aust moved to Salem. Stotz filled in the potter’s position for Bethabara as a result. Stotz was considered a master potter and was often recommended for apprentices.

On the 24th of August 1767 he was asked to take over he brick making position for the town of Salem. As Stotz was the potter of Bethabara and had experience working and firing red clay, and Gottfried Aust had already set himself up as potter in Salem, he was the logical choice for the position.

Stotz worked as the brick maker in Salem from 1767 to 1771. In this time he made thousands of bricks for the early buildings of Salem. In this time he took Aust’s apprentice Christ as his own to train in brick making. In 1771 Stotz left with a party of individuals to journey to Lititz. He became the master potter of Lititz, Pennsylvania for the remainder of his career.