Naeman Benjamin Reich

House Painter

Born: 25 December, 1815
Died: (Not Recorded)

Naeman Benjamin Reich was a shoemaker and house painter in Salem, North Carolina during the early and middle nineteenth century.

During the 1830’s Reich trained as a shoemaker under several different masters. He was paid as a journeyman, however when he moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina for three years he lost consideration for opening his own shop. When he returned to Salem he found that there was too much competition for the profession and decided to change professions.

On July 1st 1840, Reich made it clear to the community leaders his wishes to become a house-painter. From the Collegium minutes it seems as if Reich was a busy house painter. He was so successful he was able to apply for a lot in Salem without financial hardship. However this was denied to him due to his apparent unbalanced attitude.

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