Magnus Benjamin Hulthin


Born: June 18, 1765
Died: July 26 1843

Magnus Benjamin Hulthin was a joiner in Salem, North Carolina during the first half of the nineteenth century. He began his life in Sweden as a sailor. He learned woodworking some point before he joined the Moravians in Germany.

He arrived in Salem on December 21, 1805. He was brought from Christiansfeld, Germany to become the next leader of the Single Brethren and master joiner in Salem. However upon arrival it was determined that he would be in direct competition with the current master joiner, Brother Zevely.

Zevely had expressed desire to move from Salem, but reversed his decision for a few years. Hulthin worked on projects between then and Zevely’s leaving. On the 12th of September 1809 Zevely left, and Hulthin took his place as master joiner in Salem. Hulthin then took Theophilius Wolfhart and Jacob Bonn as his first apprentices.

During his time upon arriving and taking on the position of master joiner Hulthin began growing and drying tobacco. This trade seems to have been lucrative enough to draw him away from joinery sometime between 1809 and 1813. He finished his days as a tobacco salesman in Salem.