Lorenz Bagge


Born: (Not Recorded)
Died: 1789

Lorenz Bagge arrived in Bethabara in 1764 to serve as the pfleger of the Single Brothers. This title made him one of the prominent members of the early community. Many of his early mentions make him to be an overseer of the workers in Bethabara and early Salem.

He took part in several of the early buildings in Salem as part of the community effort to build the trading town. He laid the ceremonial foundation stones for the First and Second Houses. Bagge’s main impacts however were his organizational skills which were responsible for deciding which worker would participate on which project. This was an elder position in the town that he reluctantly accepted.

In April 1773 he was appointed to housemaster in Bethabara. There he served as a church leader for nearly a decade. He was called away in 1784 to Hebron, Pennsylvania to become the preacher there where he ended his days as pastor in 1789.