Joseph Essig


Born: (Not Recorded)
Died: (Not Recorded)

Joseph Essig was a resident of Salem, North Carolina from 1797 until 1812.

He is first mentioned in the Aufseher Collegium minutes as “Old” Essig. While his birth date is not recorded, Essig had two children with his wife Elisabeth in July and October of 1786, hinting he had lived nearby for many years. He is mentioned as a potentially pleasant neighbor for the plantation that had once belonged to the Negro Scott.

In each of the mentions of Essig in the Collegium minutes he is mentioned as the “best brick maker in the area.” On the 4th of July, 1797 the Collegium mentioned that they desired to get the “Old” Essig to make the bricks for the new church. By the 14th of July that year the community had a contract with him for the burning of about 50,000 bricks at four Schillings per 1,000 bricks. The records indicate that Essig was paid for “molding and burning of bricks” for the years of 1798 and 1799.

Essig moved with his family to Indiana in 1815.

No further records exist.