Johann Simon Leicht


Born: April 19,1780
Died: November 5, 1861

Johann Simon Leicht was a turner who was born in Sachsen-Coburg in 1780. He trained as a turner in Europe until the age of 25, when he chose to immigrate to the United States. Leicht was a member of the Moravian Church and had lived in the Friedberg community for approximately one year before petitioning to become a member of Salem, North Carolina.

He worked for a year in the Single Brothers house as a turner in Salem. He is noted to have been of good character and a strong worker, and was granted permanent residence in Salem. However, fortune did not smile upon him, and he left the community in 1812. Leicht bought a tract of land in Baggestown (near Friedland). He quickly commenced in building his own home on this parcel and moved there in 1812. His life seemed to be more prosperous in Friedland, as he was elected to the Friedland Council, and in 1824 to the Preparatory Council. He lived the remainder of his days near Waughtown and died on November 5 1861.