Jacob Steiner

Jacob Steiner
Born: 1734
Died: 1804
Residences: Warwick Township, Lancaster, England; Bethabara, NC; Salem, NC

Jacob Steiner arrived in Wachovia on June 13th 1755. The Wachovia Diary says that Steiner came to the new town (Salem) with seven other brethren, Nils Petersen, Jens Schmidt, Gottfried Praetzel, John Birkhead, George Holder, Melchior Rasp, and Michael Ziegler. Here he aided in the carpentry on the Builder’s House¸ the first structure build in Salem. This home was of simple timber construction, and served for the home of the builders for (x-years)
Later in 1766 he aided Christian Triebel in the carpentry work on his projects.
In 1773, Steiner aided in the construction of his Mill along with the Wachovia Diacony.[1] He also built the Miller’s House, in order to house himself, his wife, and those helping to build the Mill. This mill was build right outside the boundaries of Salem, as Steiner was not considered a resident of the new town. He held a 1/3 stake in the mill while the church held the rest.[2]
Steiner also aided in the construction of the town saw mill in 1777. Here he invested time and capital into the building in order to become a partner in the enterprise. The Aufseher Collegium records he did not want the enterprise entirely, however.
After aiding in the initial buildings of Salem, Steiner returned to his miller trade. He finished his days as the town miller in an up and down journey throughout his life. However, without Jacob Steiner’s assistance on the initial building of Salem, the town would not have been as successful.

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