George Mumford Swink


Born: January 19, 1818
Died: (Not Recorded)

George Mumford Swink was born in Rowan County near Salisbury on January 19 1818. He and moved to Salem at the age of 21 in 1839.

George Swink was working in the Salem community for months prior to his admission into the community in 1846. However upon his admission to the community late in 1846, he was told he could not work as a house joiner any further so as to not dilute the profession with too many individuals working.

On April 21, 1854 Swink’s plans for his own home were approved. He built the home between Edward Meinung and Tryphonius Schauss’ properties. The house was a frame building, 2 stories high. Each story contained a middle passage and 4 rooms. Its length was to measure 38 feet and its width 28.

On, May 21, 1852 George Swink and Augusta Hall were married. This is the last mention of Swink in the minutes of Salem.

(No Further Records)