George Fischer

Joiner, House Painter

Born: June 2, 1757
Died: January 26, 1832

George Fischer was a joiner who lived around the town of Salem in the early 19th Century. Fischer had a large family and was denied permission to live in Salem, however he was given a tract of land near Friedberg where he constructed his own house. Fischer became a prominent church member in Friedberg, serving as the Vorsteher for the Friedberg congregation. His life was wrought with misfortunes, such as robberies, lightning strikes, and house fires, yet his family always persevered.

George Fischer often returned to Salem for work. Fischer was responsible for the joiner work on the Vorsteher’s House, working alongside William Craig. He was a constant companion to his father Melchior Fischer with carpentry and painting work.

Fischer was a prominent local house painter. His own memoir reflects that he was responsible for painting and staining all of the floors in nearly all of the houses constructed during the period of 1780-1810 in Salem. He was specially requested by the Bethabara Congregation for painting jobs. On February 13th 1804 he was requested for painting the Bethabara Gemeinhaus with oil paint, which he followed through with in April of that year.

Fischer outlived many in his family. His lasting impacts can be seen in the still standing Bethabara Gemeinhaus and buildings in Salem, North Carolina.