Erich Ingbretsen


Born: c. 1722
Died: 1759

Erich Ingebretsen, 31, born near Röras, Norway, was mill-wright and carpenter with the first group of settlers in 1753. He was selected as one of the first eleven men to occupy the Wachovia Tract in Bethabara. It was the first settlement on the hundred-thousand acre Wachovia Tract purchased from Lord Granville by the Moravians.

Ingbretsen was chosen by the church, and Marshall for his qualifications in Carpentry to do the ‘Pioneer work.’ Ingbretsen worked for six years in North Carolina building many of the early buildings in the town. Records during this early time were not thorough as the later periods so Ingbretsen’s exact contributions are not finite though as the eldest recorded carpenter he likely had a substantial contribution.

He died in the typhus epidemic of 1759 in Bethabara.