Christian Renatus Heckewilder


Died: 1803 Hope, NJ

Christian Renatus Heckewilder was an early mason in Salem, North Carolina. He arrived on October 11, 1766, and within a week announced himself for apprenticeship which was the purpose of the visit. By the end of October, Heckewilder was apprenticed to Melchior Rasp to begin the mason’s trade. Heckewilder assisted on many of Rasp’s projects during this time including the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth houses. He completed his apprenticeship by 1770.

Heckewilder did not pursue the mason’s trade though. Heckewilder first became an intermittent helper in the store, then the school teacher in November of 1774, then full time working in the store of Traugott Bagge. In 1780 he moved to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and then Hope, New Jersey where he finished his days as a store keeper.