Charles Culver


Born: (Not Recorded)
Died: (Not Recorded)

Charles Culver was a brick maker in Salem. He originally hailed from Bethabara, but was admitted to the Salem Congregation on the 9th of September 1766.

Culver took over the making of building stones from Joseph Mueller, who began the work and made several thousand stones to be used in the building of early Salem. Culver was paid by the thousand for his building stones and was responsible for paying his day laborers for their board.

Culver took over the making of bricks in Salem in spring of 1767. He received 14 schillings for every 1000 bricks, and 18 schillings for every 1000 tiles.

Culver expressed desire to move to Pennsylvania in 1767, leaving no one to make brick in Salem. During this period of building and expansion, this would have frozen construction in the fledgling town. He was requested to delay his travels and train another in brick-making so this did not happen. Culver trained Peter Stotz in the trade of brick-making.

Charles Culver did go to Pennsylvania in late 1767. He stayed for several years, and sometime before 1797 moved back to North Carolina. When or why is not recorded.