Andreas Brosing


Born, April 5, 1742
Died: Jan 25, 1827

Andreas Brosing was born in Colm, Upper Lusantia, modern day Germany on April 5, 1742. He came to America in 1770, and quickly made his way to the new trade town of Salem, North Carolina.
He is noted as being one of the first master joiners in Salem, North Carolina. He bought the joinery tools for his own business in the town. He was master to several apprentices, most famously Johann Wohlfarth and Martin Lick. He served as the master joiner for a few years before deciding to venture to Georgia to make his fortune.
Brosing was a member of the Moravian Church which, due to its religious pacifism, had a pass on military service during the American Revolution. Each individual was to pay seven pounds a month in order to continue to be exempt from military service. This caused Brosing’s venture in Georgia to fail as work was hard to find in Savannah, and seven pounds was a steep price for one’s values.
Andreas Brosing returned from Georgia, welcomed back into the Salem Congregation with open arms. He is next mentioned working on the Congregation House, where he fell off while doing repairs. He then floated around performing odd jobs as needed in Salem. He served heavily as a fire inspector and chimney sweep. In 1781 he was hired to repair the bell tower on the Salem Congregation House. Later, in May 1781 Brosing was married and moved to Bethabara to begin his own plantation.
He finished his days on his plantation and chimney sweeping in Bethabara and Salem. Brosing passed away at the age of 85, in 1827.