Builders of Salem

The trades and professionals that constructed Salem's buildings

Builder's Book illustration


A copy of this 18th century German builder’s guide was in a personal library in Salem. It shows the distinctive clay tile roof found throughout the town.

As part of the ongoing research programs we have identified and developed information about the people who carried out the construction to better understand the influences and changes to the buildings over generations in Salem. These range from the master craftsmen and designers to the daily helpers who helped build the community one brick at a time.


George Holder, Carpenter
Christian Triebel, Carpenter**
Jacob Steiner, Carpenter
Rudolf Strehle, Carpenter
Johann Michael Seiz Jr, Carpenter
Nils Petersen, Carpenter
Melchior Fischer, Carpenter
David Holzapfel, Carpenter
Martin Lick, Carpenter
Jacob Spach, Carpenter
Charles Cooper, Carpenter


Melchior Rasp, Mason**
Christian Renetaus Heckewilder, Mason
Johann Samuel Mau, Mason
Lorenz Bagge, Mason
William Gentry, Mason
Johann Gottlob Krause, Mason**
Johann Heinrich Blum, Mason
Melchior Fischer, Mason
George Fischer, Mason
Abraham Loesch, Mason
Abraham Hauser, Mason
William Craig, Mason
John David Blum, Mason
William Hauser, Mason


George Fischer, Joiner
Andreas Brosing, Joiner
Johann Heinrich Keller, Joiner
Frederick Edward Belo, Joiner
Thomas Holland, Joiner
Neman van Zevely, Joiner
John Heinrich Keller, Joiner
Magnus Benjamin Hulthin, Joiner
Karsten Petersen, Joiner
Charles Abraham Steiner, Joiner
George Mumford Swink, Joiner
Abraham (Formerly Sambo), Joiner and Carpenter (enslaved)


Johann George Ebert, Turner
Johann Simon Leicht, Turner


Alexander Jackson Davis, Architect**
Francis Fries, Designer**
William Frederick Marshall, Designer**
Elias Alexander Vogler, Designer


Christian Gottlieb Reuter, Surveyor
Carl Ludwig Meinung, Surveyor
Frederick Christian Meinung, Surveyor


Johann Christoph Schmidt, Brickmaker
Peter Stotz, Brickmaker
Charles Culver, Brickmaker
James Reuben Fletcher, Brickmaker
Cornelius Sale, Brickmaker
Jacob Spach, Brickmaker
Joseph Essig, Brickmaker
George, Brickmaker (enslaved)

House Painters

Naeman Benjamin Reich, House Painter
Charles Cooper, House Painter

Enslaved workers

Christian, (Formerly Franck), Mason’s Assistant
Abraham (Formerly Sambo), Joiner and Carpenter
Sam, Mason’s Assistant
Jacob, Teamster
Peter Oliver, Mason’s Assistant
Champion, Mason’s Assistant
George, Brickmaker


Lorenz Bagge, Overseer
Erich Ingbretsen, Carpenter
Niels Petersen, Planner
John Birkhead,
Jens Schmidt, Handyman and Lumber Miller


**In addition to the information on this site, some of individuals’ information has been included in the NC Architects and Builders website for the most significant and best known individuals during Salem’s history

Alexander Jackson Davis
Francis Fries
Johann Gottlob Krause
Fredric William Marshall
Melchior Rasp
Christian Triebel