Soup Celery

soup celery 4

front to back:
lettuces, soup celery, peas in the Single Brothers Garden

Soup Celery
Apium graveolens var. secalinum

This pungent celery variety — also known as smallage, leaf celery, and Chinese celery — has been cultivated since ancient times. The Greeks grew the aromatic biennial for ritual and medical use, grouping it with the medicinal plants, rather than the vegetables.

In taste and form, it more closely resembles parsley than it does our modern celery, and the bitter stalks are not typically eaten raw. However, the leaves have the taste of the vegetable celery, and like the Moravians in their early kitchens, you can use the curly aromatic leaves to flavor soups and stews.

An added benefit of soup celery: it’s a great companion to the Brassicas as it repels the white cabbage butterfly!