Lacinato Kale

kale, collard, cabbage Eric Oct

(l-r) ‘Morris heading’ collards, ‘lacinato’ kale, and ‘Cour di Bue’ cabbage

kale flowering March

‘lacinato’ kale blossoms in March
Levering House Garden on Salt Street

Lacinato Kale
Brassica oleracea

Kale is a cool season crop planted in the late summer/early fall, or in the late winter/early spring. Considered a primitive cabbage and ancient in origin, kale is highly nutritious and delicious.

Available in a range of habit, texture and color, lacinato kale is distinguished by its crinkly leaves, which give it the name “dinosaur kale.” It is also known Italian kale and Tuscan cabbage, among other names.

This Italian heirloom dates to the 18th century and has bluish-green leaves that are 3” wide and 10-18” long. Most tender and tasty after a frost, harvest continues through the winter, even in the snow!

In early spring, tall stalks emerge with delicate yellow blossoms well loved by pollinators. The blossoms are also delicious and add bright yellow highlights with a peppery flavor to fresh salads.

The fading blooms of kale produce tiny seed pods, and Old Salem Horticulture saves seed from certain varieties.


Grow this heirloom yourself!
Seed is available in Old Salem at The Garden Shop.