Blum’s Almanac

1838 Alamanac cover detail 2Details from cover and calendar page
of John Christian Blum’s Almanac, 1838.

  Calendar page format is nearly
identical to present-day editions.1838 almanac interior portion

Collection of Goslen Printing Company

Blum’s Farmers’ & Planters’ Almanac has been continuously published by Moravians since it was first printed in 1828 by John Christian Blum, in his home on Main Street in the town of Salem.

Br. Blum was Salem’s first printer and operated a printing press that he purchased in 1827 to produce the almanac and other publications.

Blum, followed by his sons Levi and Edward, published the almanac until the 1892 when the rights were sold to Crist & Keehln. The Goslens, a Moravian family with deep roots in the Winston-Salem community and in printing, purchased the rights to Blum’s Almanac in the 1920s and continue its publication today. Goslen Printing Company celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2012.

With their calendar of lunar cycles, almanacs have played an integral role in the lives of farmers and planters for countless generations. One need only spend a day at the beach and observe the rise and fall of the tides to appreciate the power of the moon.

As Nobel Prize winner for Physics (1923),
Dr. Robert A. Millikan remarked:

“I do know that if man is not affected
in some way by the planets,
sun and moon,

he is the only thing on earth that is not.”

(from Raising with the Moon,
Jack Pyle and Taylor Reese, 1993).

Blum’s Farmers’ & Planters’ Almanac and many other wonderful garden publications may be purchased at

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