Thursday Botanist Day at the Doctor’s House

Learn about Ludwig David von Schweinitz and color your own botanical print to take home!

Thursday Botanist Day at the Doctor's HouseThursdays, July through December
(excluding Thanksgiving)The Doctor's House(463 Church Street)


Ludwig David von Schweinitz was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 1780.  He was a great-grandson of Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinsendorf, founder of the Moravian Church.  Early on he was a great student.  In 1807 he worked as a preacher in the Moravian church abroad where he received an honorary PHD for his work in the natural sciences.  After returning to the United States in 1812, he settled in Salem, North Carolina working as an administrator of church estates and lived in what had been built as the Dr. Samuel Benjamin Vierling House.   He is considered by some the “Father of North American Mycology” but also made significant contributions to botany.  In 1821 he returned to Pennsylvania and continued his studies until his death in 1834.

On Thursday’s at the Doctor’s House you can learn more about his important contributions to Salem and see examples of his work as a botanical artist.  You can even color your own print to take home.

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Admission to the Doctor’s house requires a ticket.