Single Brothers’ Workshop

10 West Academy Street


Constructed 1771, reconstructed 1979

Not open to public except for pre-scheduled tours

The Single Brothers’ Workshop was built in 1771 to expand the space available for the tradesmen working in the Single Brothers’ House directly adjacent. It consisted of two large log cribs, that had a half-timbered connector. The building was sold in 1819 and it was purchased by Mattthew Reuz, whose family continued to use the building (although demolishing portions) until selling it back to the Church in the 1890s. Completely demolished in 1921 and replaced an apartment building, the building was reconstructed in 1979.

The Single Brothers Workshop is home to our educational programs for groups of children on field trips. Though closed to walk-in visitors, the lower level of this building includes a pottery and a large cooking kitchen for hands-on activities throughout the year as part of our Group Tours. Upper levels include large meeting spaces that can be rented for meetings or celebrations