Home Moravian Church

529 South Church Street


Constructed 1800

No ticket required, operated by Home Moravian Church.


Before the church was built, members of Salem’s Moravian congregation worshipped in the “Gemeinhaus,” which was built in 1771 on the current site of Salem College’s Main Hall. The church was supposed to be built next to the Gemeinhaus and centered on the Square, but the Single Sisters did not want to give up the empty lot which they had used as a bleaching green for their laundry. So after much deliberation and consultation with “Lot,” the church was built on its present location slightly north of the Square. (Although by 1805 the Single Sisters apparently changed their mind and gave up the empty lot to build the Girls Boarding School on the parcel.)


Today the church is open on a varying schedule for visitors. Members of the present-day Home Moravian Church staff the sanctuary and times are posted on the front door.